When to Hire a Consulting Arborist

Root out the cause of tree issues with ASCA Consulting Arborists.

Consulting Arborists are tree experts who advise in the most challenging situations. Their experience in the science and practice of arboriculture, along with their practical, ethical and objective role of consultant, is key to two distinct groups of people:

  • Industry professionals, such as law firms, insurance companies, utilities, land developers, architects and municipalities who need:
    • Reports on trees and — plants in general
    • Expert testimony in court
    • Evaluation of the environmental impact of land development
    • Consultation on tree preservation
    • Expertise for land planning
    • Education about the preservation of trees
    • Forensic investigation into tree issues
    • Consultation on care and maintenance
    • Assessment of risks and hazards

  • Landowners, such as homeowners, real estate owners, developers and others who need:
    • Knowledge of tree care, preservation and maintenance
    • Expertise about tree and plant selection and planting
    • Assessment and identification of tree risks and hazards
    • Advice on tree preservation
    • Appraisal of trees
    • Investigation into tree disputes and negligence
    • Inspection of plant material and tree issues

When you hire an ASCA member, you know your Consulting Arborist is a qualified professional, dedicated to continual education and career growth. When you see an "RCA" after a Consulting Arborist's name, you know you are looking at an ASCA member who has completed rigorous training in our Consulting Academy and is a Registered Consulting Arborist®. We've provided a referral directory on our site to help you find the right ASCA Consulting Arborist for you.






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