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ASCA's online courses help Consulting Arborists, arborists and professionals in the green industry learn and earn CEUs without having to leave their offices. Let experts lead you through timely topics and compelling lectures while you learn new skills and techniques you can immediately put to work for your clients. Since this is online self-directed learning, you can learn where you want and when you want!

Introduction to Engineering and Architectural Plans, a Two-Part Series
Presenter: Christy Cuba, RCA #502

As a Consulting Arborist, do you know what pertinent information you need from your clients—and what questions to ask—in order to accurately and authoritatively analyze the impact of your projects? Do you know which plans are critical to your understanding of a development project and its impact on trees? Do you understand the difference among the plans and know which ones you need to review to assess all the potential impacts to trees?

This two-part webinar is designed to be your primer on the plans typically used by engineers, land planners, developers, builders, and architects for development projects—large and small.


  • Learn about the various types of plans.
  • Know which plans you need to request.
  • Understand who prepares those plans.

Additionally, you will understand:

  • What the plans are used for in the planning/development process.
  • The stages of development, so you don’t ask for something that has yet to be prepared in the usual progression of planning and development.
  • How to read the plans!
  • What to look for.
  • Basic engineering and planning language.

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