Cultivate your understanding of arboricultural consulting.

Consulting Arborists are the preeminent authorities on matters related to trees. For property owners, they are tree experts who consult on issues like the health, care and preservation of trees, as well as serving as an objective voice in tree disputes. For industry professionals like lawyers, insurance professionals, city planners and developers, Consulting Arborists are like the "CSI" men and women of trees, investigating hazardous trees, assessing environmental impact, determining causes of death and testifying in tree related issues.

ASCA is the industry's leading membership organization for Consulting Arborists and, as such, is the best place for you to find one. Our members are experienced professionals, bound by a pledge of integrity and dedicated to the continual enhancement of their careers. We also provide valuable resources to homeowners and industry professionals such as city planners, legal or insurance professionals, to help you better understand what a Consulting Arborist is and when to hire one. Together we can ensure the sustainability of trees—that they grow, thrive and remain safe throughout the generations.






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