Let your knowledge of arboriculture take root.

ASCA has compiled a number of resources to help you understand arboricultural consulting and ASCA's Consulting Arborists:

  • Referral directory, where you can find a complete listing of ASCA's Consulting Arborist members and RCAs
  • Ask a Consulting Arborist, where you can pose a question to an ASCA Consulting Arborist online
  • Tree Ordinances and Policies, where you can find sample tree ordinances and policies
  • Resource Articles, where you can find informational articles about arboricultural related topics
  • Common terms, where you can find definitions of terms that are commonly used in arboricultural consulting
  • Standards of Professional Practice, where you can find out about the standards of professionalism to which ASCA's tree experts hold themselves
  • Publications, where you can purchase books and articles about arboricultural consulting
  • Case studies, where you can read about typical scenarios in which an arborist is consulted






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