Case Studies

Root out the solutions to your tree challenges.

An ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist based in California writes...
I was hired by a client whose neighbor had been asking him for years to remove a large oak tree that grew close to the property line between their two lots. One day, my client noticed that most of the foliage of this oak tree had turned brown, on the side of the tree closest to the roadway. My client suspected that the tree had been poisoned—by the neighbor who wanted to remove it. Click here for full example.

A client of an ASCA Consulting Arborist based in Pennsylvania writes...
The giant silver maple in front of my house had been haunting the three prior homeowners for over 30 years. The tree was located about 18 inches from the property line in the middle of the 20-foot wide street in front of the house. The road, however, only serves four houses and was thus, neglected and only about nine feet wide. For all intents and purposes, the tree looked like it was growing in my front yard. The silver maple had two huge branches (which I later found out were called leaders or scaffold limbs) directly over both sides of the house. Three weeks before we purchased the home, a leader broke off and did about $10,000 damage to a neighbor's house. Click here for full example.






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